Hey Michael, We Missed You But We’re Glad You’re Back

While doing the tour to promote his new book “Flash Boys, ” Michael Lewis showed up today on CNBC with the star of his story in addition to  the head of BATS.  What transpired was pure tragicomedy.  While the Lewis team mounted a full frontal attack against the High Frequency Trading machine, the dude from BATS went apoplectic.

I’ve read Lewis’ book and agree with many of his findings.  It’s well-written, taken from a unique perspective, and well worth the $10 Kindle price.  But I have to ask:  What took you so long Michael?

HFT has been the bane of traders’ existence for many years now.  We’ve been squawking about it since 2011.  See:  


Hard stop on the shameless self-promotion.

Anyway, here is the clip from CNBC for your viewing pleasure.