Stocks are Cheap!…no wait they aren’t…what should i do?

If you follow Barry Ritholtz who writes The Big Picture blog, you may have noticed a post of his that only stayed up for a brief time yesterday. He was opining on the investment information put out by the major news outlets and how useless it was. He even commented that he doesn’t read the Wall Street Journal until the following night to reconfirm to himself that it merely contains old news. While we couldn’t agree more with him, we had to laugh that he likely was forced to take the post down after the news outlets that pay him read his comments. Below are two links that confirm Mr. Ritholtz’s theory. While we favor one view over the other,  one can always make the case for a conceivable outcome. The key is having a process and following it and not reacting to the flavor of the day.

Depending on who you listen to there is a case to be made for both sides of where stocks are currently valued.

Stocks Cheapest in 26 years

Run, Don’t Walk, Away From P/E Ratios








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