Altair Partners, SMA looks to produce consistent returns that are non-correlated to traditional asset classes with an extreme focus on principal protection. AP, SMA is appropriate as an alternative to fixed income allocations, or as an alternative asset class to help reduce a portfolio’s overall volatility


Altair Partners, SMA invests in a diverse range of fixed income and equity securities. Equities are expressed through select small/mid cap equities and ETFs. ETFs are used to access specific sectors and asset classes across cap structure and geography. Credit is expressed through closed end funds, open end funds and ETFs. The strategy diversifies across sectors, cap structure and geography and continually adapts as opportunities and risks change.


Altair uncover areas of the markets where opportunities can be exploited. Altair focuses on macro events to find opportunities and manage risks. AP, SMA is not constrained by asset class or market cap which gives the portfolio managers the ability to adapt the portfolio to changing market conditions