Altair Tactical Fixed Income, SMA


Altair Tactical Fixed Income, SMA is managed to produce a high level of current income and total return with low correlation to traditional asset classes.


ATFI invests strategically across the global capital structure, primarily through the use of publicly traded closed-end funds. ATFI is an opportunistic strategy designed to capitalize on the chronic inefficiencies within the closed-end fund space. The fund utilizes proprietary real-time models to dynamically analyze, rank and identify closed-end fund relative values, NAV discount/premium arbitrage and special situation opportunities. The strategy also utilizes long only exchange traded funds (ETFs) and options to mitigate any undesired equity, interest rate, credit, currency and volatility risks.


Altair focuses on the inefficiencies of the structure of closed-end funds whereby investors can purchase a diversified fund and generate additional return through the change in the relationship between the closed-end fund’s market price and Net Asset Value. ATFI is not constrained by sector or geography which gives the portfolio managers the ability to adapt the portfolio to changing market conditions.