Altair Management Partners is an investment management firm founded in 1992 that specializes in opportunistic strategies where the potential to exploit inefficiencies is greatest.

Altair manages investments for a wide range of clients , including public and private pensions and retirement plans throughout the United States. We are also advisors and asset managers to banks, financial advisors, families, foundations and endowments.

Altair constructs portfolios to protect principal and deliver non-correlated returns.  To meet the mandate of protecting principal, portfolios need to withstand systemic shocks. Altair Management Partners focuses on creating portfolios not dependent on the direction of broad market indices.

Altair believes in an alignment of interests.  The Principals are the sole owners of the firm and have significant along-side investment with our clients and partners.

Altair continues to evolve. From our inception over 20 years ago to today, we adapt our techniques to evolve with changes in the macro environment.