A Stimulating Article from Doug Casey

While I’m loathe to make political, religious, or food-oriented opinions on this blog (so many people watch Iron Chef, I really fear that my opinion of Beef Wellington may be misconstrued!)…  I thought it would be interesting to link Doug Casey’s most recent article for your consumption.  The article is laced with the very opinions I intentionally avoid as an investment blogger — assessments of Obama, Bush, Clinton, McNamara, capitalism, fascism, communism, et al.  Yet, the intelligent writing, the historical context, and the open assessment of our cultural turning are too tantalizing to ignore.

In advance I’ll stipulate that Casey’s article is long, highly detailed, and difficult to digest.  I’ll also stipulate that his political bias shows through more than a few times.

I site it on this blog for one reason.  We believe the macro environment is severely damaged at best; if not broken, at worst.  This has been a subject of our blogs beginning (in the macro) with the perversion of current regulations, to (in the micro) the flaws of high frequency trading and exchange traded notes.

In my view, Casey makes some salient points nested within some conspiratorial clap-trap.  But my view is beside the point.  I think the article is worth reading if only to stimulate some thoughts on reassessing the “old normal.”

So please feel free to follow this link.